Maciek Niemojewski (b. 1989)

photographer from Żoliborz, Warsaw. A graduate of the Warsaw Academy of Fine Arts. He obtained his diploma at the Faculty of New Media Art in the studio of Prot Jarnuszkiewicz. During 2008-2009 he studied at the Academy of Photography. He is a co-founder of the Wihajster foundation, which promotes creativity among young artists. His first documentary series, On the Road was presented at the Europejski Hotel. He took part in collective exhibitions Respect WWA at the 1500 m2, Showroom in Ney Gallery, Propaganda Gallery. He also had an individual exhibition of the Styk project at the Radna 6/8 gallery.The These Places project was exhibited at the Hestia Artistic Art Journey Pavilion.

Maciek mainly works in the field of documentary photography. In his works he focuses on presenting the relationship between space and man. Since 2018 he is working commercially, working as a main photographer for Kukbuk magazine. He worked for brands like: Cropp, Dolce Gusto, Euro RTV AGD, MOWI, Cointreau, Muscat, Almette, Winiary, Sokołów, Zielko, Nordzucker, Dr. Oetker, Velvet, Foxy, Kaaskas, Kamis, Żywiec, Orszkisz.

Instagram: @maciek.niemojewski

E-mail: wkolomacieju@gmail.com
Tel. + 48 606 676 242